September 2018


Leaf into Fall and Play!

Take your cue from the trees—the leaves are beginning their dance from sky to earth. They twirl, leap and fly. So can you!

This is the time of year where I feel seriously playful. I allow my grown-up self to step aside while my little-girl self celebrates. Sometimes that means simply lying in a leaf pile for hours enjoying the scent of soil and sun, while I watch the clouds drift across the sky.

Other times I kayak down the St. Croix River, hike my favorite trails, bike or play touch football. Others may prefer picking apples, picnicking or enjoying a bonfire under a starry sky.

Play is whatever brings you joy. There is no rulebook. Just step out your door, breath in the fall air, and let your feet lead the way. And if your feet aren’t sure, just follow your heart!

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