September 2017


Doing Nothing Makes Everything Possible.

Nature in its cycles leads the way to deep awakening. The harvest peaks and leaves become butterfly wings floating to the ground. This is a time of gratitude. And each day is a celebration honoring all the days of summer and all the days of winter yet to come. Fall is a time to pause. To reflect. To rest. I invite you to find your favorite tree, lie beneath it, watch the clouds, notice the blue of the sky and the warmth of the sun on your skin. As you rest, know that the experience of doing “nothing ” is in fact, everything. This is how we create. And whether that means a move for you, a remodel or an investment purchase, it is in rest that we dream our biggest dreams.

If time or the weather doesn’t allow you outdoors, I recommend the less than three-minute, Refresh & Reset meditation by my friend and mentor Jeanine Thompson. It’s available for audio download on her website for just $1.11. You’ll find it under “products”

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