May 2019


Love the Life You Live.

It’s May and I have a SPRING in my step! As seeds sprout, trees awaken and summer travel schedules begin to fill, I’m reminded about how glorious it is to travel “in-place.” For most of us, that “place,” is home.

Yes, we can fling ourselves across the country on planes, trains and automobiles. But because we live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 changing weather patterns, there’s  always something new to explore just outside our front door. That may be the sound of frogs singing, a wobbly-legged fawn… or the way a summer full moon illuminates the branches of our beloved oak.

One of my favorite books is, Wherever You Go, There You Are. This book is about reclaiming each moment. So if you find yourself anxious about all the things you, “have to do,” and all the places you, “have to go,” take a breath. Remember, you have arrived. Welcome to these words. This moment and this breath. Happy Spring!

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