Who wouldn’t recommend Heather? She listed my condo and sold it in an hour. She listed our house and it sold in a week. Then with her help, we made an offer on a townhouse the first day it came on the market and got it by that night.

I’ve had ten real estate transactions in the last three years—and while half of them were with Heather, I wish they all would have been. She’s smart, creative, unrelenting detail oriented and so unbelievably knowledgeable. I’ve never met anyone like her; she is living her passion.

Sue Eldridge | Chiropractor

Working with Heather is far beyond transactional—it’s deeply personal. She has the unique ability to ask the deeper questions to help you discover what you really want. Our house sold quickly for a good value and she helped us find the perfect new one. The experience was not unlike being at a boutique hotel in a new city, and having a great concierge help you navigate through entirely new terrain. She’s a guide, a coach and also a quarterback who takes the ball and runs with it. Plus, she’s an excellent connector, whether that means finding the right financing partner or sound system installation company.

Paul Kieser | Financial Advisor

Here’s what’s weird, I’ve purchased two homes with Heather and sold one, and I don’t think she’s ever been wrong! She’s incredibly detail-oriented, does the research and is always totally prepared. I’ve referred her to as many as ten people and every one has had an amazing experience. One friend was trying to sell her home before it went into foreclosure and told me that when working with Heather, she felt she was treated as if she were buying a million dollar home. Heather is so kind. She’s also direct. And she genuinely cares. I’ve gotten handwritten notes and emails months and years after a sale. Heather literally goes the extra mile.

A house in my neighborhood had been just sitting on the market; the realtor sign changed and it sold almost instantly. I asked the owners what happened; and the answer was, Heather Dawe.

I’ve spent my life in sales and I know good sales people. But there are few who are truly great. Heather is one of them. She put our house on the market and it sold in three days. I then asked her to, ‘find us property that doesn’t make sense;’ a house in a great location that wasn’t moving. She found the perfect buy. We bought that home at a significant discount, made cosmetic changes and sold it two years later for a 30% return.

I’ve been transferred all across the country and I’ve worked with a lot of realtors. The experience was never fun. Until I met Heather. She listens, helps you clarify, she’s committed and she genuinely cares. It’s a business relationship that has become a personal friendship.

Jerry Ray | Turnaround expert, international start up specialist, former General Foods Central Region Sales Manager

My wife and I call Heather part of our dream team. She’s not just a realtor, she’s a coach, guiding you through a process that feels like a maze. When we’re working together, my ‘happy meter’ is always in the excellent zone. I’ve got three closings in two weeks and Heather is orchestrating the whole thing. She’s so on top of things, I don’t feel any stress—she is absolutely fabulous! Plus, she’s fun to work with!

Phil Howard | Parts Manager, Blaine Brothers

We were referred to Heather through a friend and liked her immediately. She carefully listened to our goals, answered all our questions, gave us appropriate advice and stayed in close contact throughout the process. Regardless of the time of day, Heather responded quickly to emails and phone calls, and gave us the confidence that she was fully engaged. Her positive attitude and relaxed demeanor was infectious and helped alleviate any anxiety we had. The house sold within 5 days. Heather’s professionalism, flexibility, attention to detail made everything go smoothly and we are grateful for her help.