February 2018


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love February! So for me, this is the perfect time for a love-fest! Welcome to the party!

What I’ve always loved most is connecting with people. And that means you! Because of friends, clients and colleagues like you, I love my life. And my job! So THANK you!

As always, I remain deeply passionate about doing all I can to help you love your life too. Whether that means helping you buy or sell a home, suggesting a cool, new restaurant or sharing a laugh. Each of us is designed to be in relationship. That includes relationships with ourselves, partners, families, jobs, nature and more.

Even this newsletter is about relationship. From the trees that were planted to make the paper, the people who masterminded and produced the technology to print it, photographers who supplied art and many others. We’re all in this together. May each day of February and all the days to come bring even more togetherness and more of everything you LOVE!

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